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     At Honors, we not only offer cutting-edge solutions for home and public EV charging infrastructure but also provide a range of accessories designed to enhance the electric vehicle ownership experience. Among these accessories are onboard charging sockets and outlets designed to facilitate convenient charging directly from the vehicle itself. 

   Whether you need additional charging options while on the go or want to customize your EV with advanced charging capabilities, our range of onboard charging accessories ensures that you can charge your electric vehicle efficiently and reliably wherever you are.

   With our commitment to innovation and sustainability, we strive to meet the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners and contribute to the widespread adoption of clean transportation solutions.

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type 1 sockets

type 2 vehicle sockets

CCS 2 Sockets

CCS 1 sockets

ModelAmpsVoltageCables SizeWaterproofCertificate
type 1 sockets16A240V  IP67UL
32A240V IP67UL
50A240V IP67UL
Type 2 sockets16A 240V/480V IP67TUV,CE
32A 240V/480V IP67TUV,CE
CCS 1 DC Sockets80A 600V  IP67UL
125A600V IP67UL
150A600V IP67UL
200A600V IP67UL
CCS 2 DC Sockets 80A1000V IP67TUV,CE
125A1000V IP67TUV,CE
150A1000V IP67TUV,CE
200A1000V IP67TUV,CE
CHAdeMO Sockets125A1000V IP67CE
150A1000V IP67CE
200A 1000V IP67CE

The Definitive Guide

     In addition to our comprehensive range of home and public EV charging solutions, we are proud to offer a selection of accessories tailored specifically for electric vehicles. Among these accessories are onboard charging outlets designed to provide added convenience and flexibility for EV owners. These onboard charging solutions allow drivers to easily plug in and charge their vehicles from various power sources, whether it be at home, work, or on the road. 

      With our commitment to providing reliable and innovative products, we aim to enhance the charging experience for electric vehicle owners and contribute to the advancement of sustainable transportation.

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 How many different type 2 EV socket ,what are their difference ?

The Type 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) socket, also known as the IEC 62196-2 connector, comes in various configurations to accommodate different charging needs and standards. Here are the main types of Type 2 EV sockets and their differences:

1. Type 2 AC Charging Socket:

Description: This is the standard Type 2 socket used for alternating current (AC) charging. It is widely adopted in Europe and is compatible with both single-phase and three-phase charging.

Use Cases: Suitable for home charging stations, public charging stations, and workplace charging.

2. Type 2 DC Fast Charging Socket:


Description: This is a modified Type 2 socket designed for direct current (DC) fast charging. It is equipped with additional pins for high-power DC charging, allowing for faster charging speeds.


   The Type 2 AC Charging Socket, also known as the IEC 62196-2 connector, is a standard charging socket used for electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe and other regions. It is specifically designed for alternating current (AC) charging. The Type 2 connector is characterized by its compact design and a standardized set of pins and contacts.

Short Description:

1. Rated current: 16A 32A Three Phase

2. Operating voltage: 240V AC

3. Insulation resisitance:>1000MΩ(DC500V)

4. Therminal temperature rise:<50K

5. Withstand voltage:2000V

6. Working temperature: -30°C ~+50°C

7. Contact impedance: 0.5m Max


8.CE,TUV Approved


Features1. Meet 62196-2 IEC 2010 SHEET 2-IIf standard2. Nice appearance,with protection cover,support front installation3. Safety pins insulated head design to prevent accidental diirecrt contact with staff4 Excellent protection performance,protection grade IP44(working condition)
Mechanical properties1. Mechanical life : no-load plug in/pull out>5000 times2. Coupled insertion force:>45N<80N
Electrical Performance1. Rated current:16A/32A2. Operation voltage: 250V/415V3. Insulation resistance:>1000MΩ(DC500V)4. Terminal temperature rise:<50K5. Withstand Voltage:2000V6. Contact Resistance: 0.5mΩ Max
Applied Materials1. Case Material: Thermoplastic,flame retardant grade UL94 V-02. Pin:Copper alloy,silver + thermoplastic on the top
Environmental performance1. Operating temperature: -30°C~+50°C

Model selection and the standard wiring

ModelRated currentCable specigication
HN-T2-AC-16S16A Single phase16A Three phase3 X 2.5mm²+ 2 X 0.75mm²5 X 2.5mm²+ 2 X 0.75mm²
HN-T2-AC-16S32A Single phase32A Three phase3 X 6mm²+ 2 X 0.75mm²5 X 6mm²+ 2 X 0.75mm²

SAE J1772 Socket Type 1 EV Charging Inlets

Short Description:

1. Rated current:16A/32A/40A/50A

2. Operation voltage: 110V/240V

3. Insulation resistance:>1000MΩ(DC500V)

4. Terminal temperature rise:<50K

5. Withstand Voltage:2000V

6. Contact Resistance: 0.5mΩ Max


CCS2 vehicle socket 

1. High Power Levels:

 CCS2 connectors are designed to support high power levels, allowing for faster charging sessions and accommodating the increasing battery capacities of modern electric vehicles.

2. Communication Protocols:

 CCS2 connectors support communication between the vehicle and the charging station for smart charging functionalities, such as charging initiation, power level negotiation, and billing information exchange.

3. Wide Adoption:

 CCS2 has been adopted by various automakers and charging infrastructure providers, making it one of the most widely used DC fast charging standards globally.


Short Description:

1. Rated Current:125A/150A/200A

2. OperationVoltage:DC 1000V

3. Insulation Resistance:>1000MΩ(DC500V)

4. DC Max Charging Power: 127.5KW

5.AC Max Charging Power: 41.5KW


CCS Type 2 Male Socket/Inlet (EV Side) The CCS 2 charging socket meet the EU standardS. the ccs2 charging socket can install on the CCS2 electric cars.200A Combo 2 Socket for EV Car Side ,150A CCS Combo 2 Socket for Electric Vehicle Side.



1- The ccs2 charging socket with TUV CE RHOS certificates, it is safe and reliable.

2- The ccs 2 chargersocket with safety pins insulated head design to prevent accidental direct contact with staff.

3-The ccs Type 2 charging socket can be installed on electric cars, then you can use the ccs charging gun to charge the EV.


The Combined Charging System inlet is a vehicle connector for convenient charging of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Electric Vehicles. Type 2 inlets and plugs supporting AC & DC Charging standards of Europe


CHAdeMo Vehicle Sockets 

Yazaka CHAdeMO Socket Kit 0


DC Input200A 500V DC MAX
DC Max Charging Power62.5KW
Terminal Temperature Rise<50K
Contact Resistance0.5m Ω Max
Withstand Voltage3200V
Cable lengthwith 1M cables
MaterialThermoplastic, Flame Retardant Grade UL94 V-0
Pin MaterialCopper Alloy, Silver + Thermoplastic On The Top
Operating Temperture



Becca Wang

Hey, I’m Becca, the author of this post, a member of the Honors Company team for over a year, my journey with Honors ignited a passion for electric vehicles (EVs), leading my purchase of first EV, I am on my way to becoming an expert in ev field, 

Becca Wang

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Hey, I’m Becca, the author of this post, a member of the Honors Company team for over a year, my journey with Honors ignited a passion for electric vehicles (EVs), leading my purchase of first EV, I am on my way to becoming an expert in ev field, 

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