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Our 100% pre-shipment testing ensures the reliability of our product quality.

AC Portable chargers in 85°C

This video primarily demonstrates the high-temperature test of the charger, where it is placed in an 85℃ environment for 48 hours and then shown to function normally for charging upon removal.

AC Chargers in -40°C

This video focuses on the low-temperature test of the charger, showcasing it being placed in a minus 40-degree Celsius environment for 24 hours, and still functioning normally after being removed.

ANS AC charger test video

This video primarily showcases the ANS AC Charger Test Video

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DC Portable charger test before shipment

This video highlights the testing process for our DC portable charger, detailing how each function is rigorously tested before shipment. Only after passing all tests does it get packaged for delivery.

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