TÜV certification companies occupy a crucial role in the EV charging industry, ensuring that charging stations and equipment meet high safety and quality standards. Their certifications are a key indicator of reliability for manufacturers and consumers, promoting trust and facilitating the global adoption of electric vehicles.



Our factory is ISO certified, emphasizing our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental standards. These certifications are essential for demonstrating our adherence to international norms, ensuring customer satisfaction, and enhancing our credibility in the global market. It shows we prioritize continuous improvement and responsible manufacturing practices.


RoHS certification is essential as it shows a product complies with EU regulations to limit hazardous substances. It's important for environmental safety, consumer health, and accessing European markets, highlighting a commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

IATF 16949

The IATF 16949 certification is pivotal for electric vehicle charger manufacturers, signifying adherence to stringent quality management systems specific to the automotive industry. This certification underscores a factory's commitment to producing high-quality, reliable charging solutions, enhancing its credibility and competitive edge in the global market.