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About Us

Charging Forward, Powering Success. Your Power Partner for the Future.

Welcome to Honors EV, your trusted partner for charging stations and accessories. While we were founded in 2019, but our roots in the industry run much deeper.

passionate team

We boast of a young, energetic, and professionally trained team that is always ready to go the extra mile. We strongly believe that our employees are our greatest asset, and we invest heavily in their development.

Our mission is simple

To power up your business. We are not just about delivering products; we aim to foster long-term relationships with you, providing consistent support as they navigate the evolving demands of EV industries.

We are more than just a supplier

We came together with a shared vision of creating a company that serves not only as a supplier, but as a partner that empowers businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Nicole Chou

General Manager

Alice Wang

Operations Director

Sira Zhang

Sales Director

Becca Wang

Sales Manager

Inge Yang


Jay Peitt

Head of Western European markett

Craig Chen

Head of North America Market

Celia Li

Sales Manager


Sales mamager
production workshop

see to believe, we warmly invite you to tour our factory.

      Our production facility is a testament to cleanliness, hygiene, and efficient organization, where every process is streamlined for optimal performance.

    Adhering to the highest standards, our factory is distinguished by prestigious certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949.  

    This stamp of quality demonstrates our commitment to consistent product quality, environmental performance, and adherence to automotive-specific quality standards.

     We take immense pride in having served numerous renowned clients, further showing our capability and expertise in the industry.

Strict testing before shipment

At Honors, our products are like students, and our quality control measures are the stern yet caring headmaster.

Every single ‘student’ must pass a 100% inspection ‘exam’ before graduating to the dispatch department.

Our ‘headmaster’ leaves no stone unturned, checking each ‘student’ for behavior, grooming, and – in layman’s terms – whether it can carry a charge without flunking!

And just like the strictest schools, there’s no playing hooky.

Every product must face the rigors of our testing to earn its place in the real world. We don’t just promise quality; we make it the final exam before our products earn their graduation cap – your doorstep!

After all, at Honors, we believe our products should have more degrees than a thermometer!

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