ANS European Business Tour (Chapter 5)

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in London, UK

About the Event

The exhibition at the London EV Show gathers the world’s leading companies and startups to showcase a broad range of products, services, and ideas, from the entire EV ecosystem including electric cars and light vehicles to electric trucks and vans, as well as electric charging infrastructure and battery systems. In addition, the show features the latest advancements in eVTOLs and electric boats, making it a comprehensive showcase of the electric vehicle industry.

The London EV Show isn’t just an exhibition; it’s a place for the entire EV value chain to converge, and create a vibrant ecosystem that propels the global automotive industry into a sustainable and electrifying future. Join us as we unveil the next chapter in the dynamic evolution of transportation.

Encompassing the widest range of content, the conference at LEVS will feature comprehensive sessions delivered by most important names in the entire EV industry as well as governmental representatives and a broad spectrum of relevant speakers.

The event offers world class networking, lead generation. business development and learning opportunities to key stakeholders from across the sector including policymakers, investors, media, business leaders, and entrepreneurs from across the world.

Ans in EV london Show 2023 in Excel London

The exhibition in the UK differs significantly from our experience in Germany. UK visitors are primarily focused on whether our wall-mounted chargers are OCPP-compatible, integrate with solar systems, and include ground protection features. Unlike other regions, there’s less demand for OEM services. The UK market is highly competitive, with the main priorities being budget, functionality, and certification( UKCA).

We are glad to see other EV charging brands here, and learning from our competitors is a big step in our growth. ChargePoint and KEBA have been focusing on the UK market for years, providing us with valuable insights and benchmarks.

At the very last day we take a tour to London and it was amazing to see the historical landscapes and exquisite carving of UK. Then we flied back to China and re-organize the summary based on the tour in Europe, by which we can serve our B2B clients better.

It is so much for our European tour and we are planing to Uzbekistan, Brazil and Turkey in 2024. Keeping pace with ANS team and let’s shape future together.


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