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For those of you who are familiar with Honors, you know that our AC charger factory is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province – the hometown of giant pandas!

Next, let’s take a tour of our other hinterlands –DC charger factory.

After the Shenzhen 2024 Zhenwei New Energy Exhibition, Dasha and I rushed to Guangzhou.

The first thing we saw was our R&D department:

The DC chargers that our customers have special requirements for are designed and physically tested through the R&D engineering department, where there is more room for free play by the software engineers, who are responsible for landing the product on the production end after R&D. It is the bridge that connects R&D and production, the glue between R&D and production, the department that enables successful new products to be mass produced in the production department.

Next to the engineering department is the assembly department for our accessories, currently in production is our DC portable charger.

You must be curious to know that we accept a lot of OEM/ODM, what exactly gives us such customisation power? Let’s read on.

That’s right, we have our own sheet metal department, as long as your design drawings are given to us, our professional factory masters will manufacture your own DC charger based on their rich experience.

If your country has a high tariff policy for importing DC chargers with complete stakes, then we can avoid these problems for you by exporting our spare parts: we remove the modules and EV charging cables after testing, and export them as spare parts.

Currently, our DC charger factory is going to build a new factory in Irkutsk, Russia, which will be a big step for us towards the Russian and Central Asian markets.


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