Product: Mode 2 portable ev charger FAQ

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What is your production time?

We can send out sample with 5days if it is standard type. If you need mass quantity or customization, time is around 15-20days.

Do you do customization?

Yes, we accept OEM service for customers, like OEM branding, cable length etc.

Below are how we usually OEM for our clients for the mode 2 portable ev charger(back label, front label, programmed branding, LED running light)

What is the IP grade for your charger?

Our portable charger supports the highest waterproof, IP67. We have test report for it as well.

Does this charger support delay charging?

Yes, you can set max 10 hours delay , and charge during night to save cost

What protections does your charger have?

Our portable charger supports over 7 protections: over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over load protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, over-temp protection, lightning protection.

What RCD types does your charger use?

There are 3 types leakage current protection. Type AC, alternative current type leakage protection; Type A , in addition to AC leakage, Type A also protects against pulsating DC leakage. Type B, except above two types of current leakage protection, Type B(Type A+DC6mA) can also detect smooth DC leakage. Our charger use the Type B(Type A+DC6mA) module to protect, this is much safer.

Is your charger compatible with Tesla Model Y?  

Yes, we can produce the chargers with 4 different connectors which is now used on the market. T2(For standard), T1(For US standard), NACS(Recently adopted by many US brands), GB/T(Chinese standard). With these 4 charging standards, our chargers works on almost 98% electric vehicles.

How fast does your charger fully charge an electric vehicle?

Charging time is always depending on the capacity of EV, Power of charger etc. For example, to charge a VW ID4 which has 52kWh battery capacity, our mode 2 portable ev charger 11kW will use around 6 hours to get it fully charged.

Does you charger offer travel adapters to use under different socket?

Yes, we have the portable charger with interchangeable adapters. This adapter can recognize current automatically and avoid over-amp risk. Below are the common plug adapter we can produce for you. It covers countries like US, UK, Swiss, Germany etc.

Hong long is your warranty?

We offer 2 years warranty. If any quality issue, we will offer replacement to you.

What is the MOQ?

We accept sample order for customer to test quality. Standard order over 10pcs

What is your payment terms?

We accept 30% advance, 70% payment before shipment.

What certification do you have?

Exported to over 50 countries, We have different certifications for those markets too, like CE, TUV, UL, FCC etc.

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