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We offer kinds of accessorries like circuit breaker, RCMU, DC contactor. etc
Charging Accessorries for stations

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    When it comes to constructing a charging station, there’s a multitude of essential components required to ensure its functionality and efficiency. Our company specializes in providing a diverse range of these crucial components, catering to the intricate needs of charging station construction projects. 

  From power distribution units to connectors, cables, mounting hardware, and safety features, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality components that are vital for the successful setup and operation of charging stations. With our expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch products, we strive to support the advancement of electric vehicle infrastructure by supplying the essential building blocks necessary for the seamless integration of charging stations into various environments. 

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    As electric vehicles continue to revolutionize the automotive industry, the demand for efficient and reliable charging solutions has never been higher. At Honors EV company, we understand the pivotal role that charging accessories play in optimizing the EV charging experience.

    From cables to adapters, connectors to mounts, our comprehensive range of accessories is designed to complement and enhance the functionality of your charging station. Explore our selection and discover how our accessories can elevate your charging infrastructure to new heights of convenience and efficiency.

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Type 2 female sockets for Charging station

A Type 2 socket for a charging station, also known as a Mennekes socket after its German inventor, is a standardized connector used in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, primarily in Europe. It’s designed for AC charging and is the most common standard for EVs and charging stations in European countries, but it’s also found in other parts of the world.

The Type 2 socket supports single-phase and three-phase power supply, allowing for a wide range of charging speeds. The charging capability can vary from the basic 3.6 kW (which might use a single-phase 16A supply) up to 43 kW (using a three-phase 63A supply), though the most common configurations for public and home charging points are 7 kW, 11 kW, and 22 kW. This flexibility makes the Type 2 socket suitable for a variety of settings, from private homes to public charging stations.

EVs equipped with a Type 2 inlet can use a Type 2 to Type 2 cable to connect to these sockets. The design of the Type 2 socket includes features for safety and security, such as pins for power, communication, and grounding, ensuring safe charging sessions. Its widespread adoption is partly due to its compatibility with a wide range of EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), making it a cornerstone of the EV charging infrastructure in regions where it’s standardized.

Holders for charging stations

Introducing our cutting-edge cable management solutions designed specifically for charging stations. Our range of cable fixing brackets provides a reliable and robust method for securing charging cables, preventing tangling and tripping hazards while optimizing space utilization. Explore our selection of cable fixing brackets and revolutionize the way you manage charging cables at your charging station.

Charing module for stations

Introducing our advanced charging modules tailored for electric vehicle charging stations. Engineered with precision and innovation, our charging modules are designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability in every charging session. With features such as intelligent charging algorithms, temperature regulation, and compatibility with various charging standards, our modules ensure fast, safe, and efficient charging for all types of electric vehicles. Experience seamless integration and superior functionality with our state-of-the-art charging modules, setting new standards in EV charging technology.

What is charging module?

Charging module is used in DC charging equipment, the main role is to convert the AC power in the grid into DC power for charging the power battery of new energy vehicles. The performance of charging module directly affects the overall charging efficiency of DC charging equipment, and at the same time, it is related to charging safety and other issues, it is the core component of DC charging equipment for new energy vehicles, and it is known as the “heart” of DC charging equipment; from the point of view of cost, the charging module can account for up to 50% of the cost in DC charging pile.

How to choose charging module for station?

 The mainly module include 20kW, 30kW, 40kW, exactly how to choose the assembly module depends on the charging pile, how much space, how to allocate the charging power as well as the convenience of maintenance in the later stage, for example, if we want to build a 120kW charging pile with double guns, we generally choose six 20kW modules stacked so that the average charging and rotating charging can be fully realised, and if we want to build a 60kW charging pile with only one gun, then we can choose a 40kw and 20kW stacked so that the cost is lower and the assembly is also more convenient.

The charging module communicates with the main monitoring through the CAN bus, and realizes the parameter setting of the charging module through the communication with the main monitoring, collects the operating parameters of the charging module, and controls the working state of the charging module.