Xiaomi SU7 Series Standard with Fast Charging: 15 Minutes for 350km of Range, Surpassing Model 3

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Standard Version

According to the report, the entire Xiaomi SU7 series supports fast charging. The standard version uses a 486V global silicon carbide platform, achieving a 350km range boost in just 15 minutes of fast charging, which is 100km more than the rival Tesla Model 3’s renewed version.

High-end version

The high-end version features an 871V high-voltage silicon carbide platform, providing a 510km range boost in 15 minutes, leading the competition by a wide margin.

Xiaomi SU7 uses CATL’s Kirin cells CTB integrated battery

It is reported that the Xiaomi SU7 uses CATL’s Kirin cells and has developed the world’s first inverted cell CTB integrated battery, a groundbreaking technology. The design of the inverted cell allows for the instant discharge of energy downward through the pressure relief valve in the middle of the cell during thermal runaway, significantly enhancing safety.

The performance of the battery

In terms of thermal management, Xiaomi has introduced an efficient dual-mode heat pump and a three-heat-source step-by-step energy concentration technology. This achieves a faster low-temperature heating rate for the air conditioning, a higher low-temperature range retention rate, and a faster low-temperature charging speed compared to similar models in winter low-temperature environments.

Lei Jun stated that in order to build excellent cars, Xiaomi has decided to invest tenfold and strive to become one of the top five global automakers in 15-20 years, contributing to the comprehensive rise of China’s automotive industry.

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