ANS European Business Tour ( Chapter 3)

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E- Salon in Prague, Czech

In Prague, after concluding our business trip in Spain, we seamlessly transitioned into tourist mode, immersing ourselves in the rich culture and history of this captivating city. As we explored the cobblestone streets and picturesque squares, we couldn’t help but marvel at the stunning architecture and centuries-old landmarks that adorn the cityscape.

During our time in Prague, we also had the opportunity to attend the e-salon exhibition, where we delved deeper into the world of e-mobility. It was fascinating to see how Prague continues to embrace and champion electric mobility as a leading industry in the automotive sector. At the exhibition, we were not only treated to a showcase of cutting-edge electric vehicles from renowned manufacturers such as Lucid, Nio, Romeo,DS,Peugeot and BMW but also had the chance to interact with key players in the industry.

Moreover, we were impressed by the innovative spirit and dedication to sustainability exhibited by local manufacturers. Witnessing firsthand the advancements and enthusiasm surrounding e-mobility reaffirmed our commitment to driving positive change in the industry and inspired us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in electric vehicle technology.

Unfortunately, an unexpected incident occurred during the exhibition involving a Nio vehicle on display. Due to oversight by the staff, the car was not properly set to exhibition mode, which led to an unintended situation. A student, unaware of the vehicle’s status, inadvertently shifted it into D-drive and accelerated into a crowded area unexpectedly.

It was also a delight for us to encounter the iconic Roadster, the original Tesla model, showcased at the exhibition. The Roadster, with its groundbreaking design and pioneering electric technology, symbolizes the beginning of Tesla’s journey towards revolutionizing the automotive industry. Seeing this legendary vehicle on display served as a reminder of the remarkable advancements made in electric mobility over the years and inspired us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the EV sector.

Absolutely! Electric vehicles (EVs) are not limited to just small cars; they are increasingly being adopted across various segments, including heavy-duty vehicles. With advancements in battery technology, heavy-duty EVs equipped with large batteries are becoming more prevalent. These vehicles are capable of carrying substantial loads while still offering the efficiency and environmental benefits of electric propulsion.

Moreover, the development of fast-charging infrastructure further enhances the viability of EVs in heavy-duty applications. Quick charging speeds allow these vehicles to minimize downtime and maintain operational efficiency, making them well-suited for demanding fleet operations.

Additionally, EV chargers can serve as stable backup power sources for fleets. In times of grid outages or emergencies, these chargers can provide reliable electricity to keep essential operations running smoothly. This dual functionality not only adds value to fleet operations but also contributes to overall energy resilience and sustainability.

EV outlets aren’t just for cars; they’re also handy power sources for outdoor activities like camping. Picture this: you’re out in nature with your family, and suddenly you need to charge your phone or power up a portable speaker. With an EV outlet, you can do all that and more. From lighting up your campsite to cooking meals and even inflating air mattresses, an EV outlet adds convenience and comfort to your outdoor adventures. So next time you head into the wilderness, don’t forget to bring along your electric vehicle – it might just become your favorite camping companion!

It’s heartening to witness our B2B clients showcased at the exhibition, and we extend our best wishes for their success in this venue.

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