ANS European Business Tour ( Chapter 4)

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1. Netherlands EV industry and Charge Show:

it’s interesting to note the widespread use of electric vehicles (EVs) in these countries. The Netherlands, in particular, is known for its high adoption rates of EVs, often ranking among the top countries in Europe for electric vehicle use.

Electric Vehicle Adoption in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a leader in EV adoption due to several key factors:

Government Incentives: The Dutch government offers various incentives to encourage the purchase and use of electric vehicles, such as tax benefits, subsidies, and registration fee exemptions.

Charging Infrastructure: The country has a well-developed network of charging stations, making it convenient for EV owners to charge their vehicles.

Environmental Policies: The Netherlands has strong environmental policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which support the adoption of cleaner transportation options, including electric vehicles.

Here are many advertising about BYD and you can not only catch them in the terminals but also in the exhibition. Due to the high tax about the Bev and other pending query, there is still a long way to go for Chinese manufacturers like BYD, Nio.

BYD Promotion

BYD (Build Your Dreams), a Chinese automaker specializing in electric vehicles and batteries, is expanding its presence in Europe. The BYD advertisements at the terminal reflect the company’s efforts to establish itself in the European market, which is a key area for the growth of electric mobility.

We also participate fully charge show here and what surprised me most is that there are not only ev charging items but also related solutions for bicycle.

VinFast is a leading Vietnamese electric car manufacturer that promises to bring affordable & luxury electric cars with powerful engines.

It good to see there are so many players in the field like Vinfast from Vietnam and Kia and Hyundai from Korea and Lucid , Rivian from USA. Consumers can only get benefit through healthy competition of these OEMs.

Here are some operators in Netherlands, as the diagrams showed you can always have your logo or teaser campaign or any other vote advocate on the layer. I thought this is the other advantage of their dc chargers.

After the tour in Netherlands we will come to our last stop in ev London Show 2023 and we will update this chapter soon.


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