ANS Honors presents Ev charging solution on emove 360° 2023 at Munich Germany and London EV show 2023 at UK

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We, at ANS company, are committed to actively participating in fairs as a means to showcase our products and cultivate relationships with our valued B2B clients. Our presence at these events allows us to demonstrate the quality and innovation of our offerings while fostering connections that are integral to our business success.

ANS in Emove 360° 2023 in Munich Germany

The eMove 360° is an international trade fair for connected cars, which takes place once a year in Munich. It is a global platform to give the car of the future a presentation area. Exhibitors show the latest technologies and developments on the interaction between vehicles and warning systems but also to assistance systems in cars and concepts for fully or partially automated driving. Other focal points of the fair are navigation systems and information, communication and entertainment devices for the car.

Craig take a group photo with our customer.
Sira chating with our customer.
Take a photo with our client.

ANS in EV London Show 2023

The exhibition at the London EV Show gathers the world’s leading companies and startups to showcase a broad range of products, services, and ideas, from the entire EV ecosystem including electric cars and light vehicles to electric trucks and vans, as well as electric charging infrastructure and battery systems. In addition, the show features the latest advancements in eVTOLs and electric boats, making it a comprehensive showcase of the electric vehicle industry.

Take a group photo
Introduce our products to our customer. (Sira)
Take a gourp photo with our client.

stay tuned for our future Journey of exhibition. Let’s shape the future together!

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